Video Marketing

Imagine having a fully-staffed, professional video studio working on your company’s video marketing every month… and it only cost you $97!

Every month a new, professionally produced, industry-specific video customized to your business and ready for you to use on your website, email or social media campaigns.

Automotive Video Club

Topics include automotive care/maintenance & refer viewers to contact you, a trusted car repair professional, for complex issues.

GREAT FOR: general and specialized mechanics, oil change and transmision shops.


Health & Wellness Video Club

General health and wellness topics to complement your specific business messaging.

GREAT FOR: health coaches, nutritionists, doctors, chiropractors, or anyone in the health products industry.


Bi-Monthly Holiday Video Club

Get our 6-video holiday pack for just $97 every other month. 

GREAT FOR: Driving business awareness as part of your regular social media strategy to expand your reach to a new audience of potential customers.

$97 every 2 months

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As we ramp up Video Ad Club, we welcome your feedback on new industries to add.  Let us know what you’d be interested in! 

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